We help contractors source skilled workers.


More workers in 60 days
without using job boards, headhunters or cold calling.


RhinoFox helps you source skilled tradesworkers.
Say goodbye to a lack of candidates and hello to pre-qualified workers.

Reach PASSIVE (and active!) CANDIDATES, LEVEL OUT workforce hiring cycles
and build your social media presence to ATTRACT SKILLED WORKERS AND CUSTOMERS.

Learn how we can help you source workers.


Dainella Nartker, Founder & former licensed electrician, makes sourcing skilled workers easy and cost effective for trades contractors.

As a tradesworker on job-sites in Antarctica and in the U.S., Dainella saw the labor shortage challenges first hand. After leaving the trades, she successfully retooled into digital marketing. Creating RhinoFox was her return to her trades roots armed with a new toolset to help contractors solve one the the greatest obstacles to their business growth: Finding qualified workers.

Located in the Rocky Mountains, RhinoFox serves contractors across the U.S. Contact Dainella for your free consultation.

Who is using Facebook for Social Recruiting?

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Why source workers on Facebook?


Job boards are no longer delivering who you want to hire. 

We are in a skilled labor shortage, only 5% of the workforce is unemployed. It is CHALLENGING to find quality candidates. 

A 'buyers' market combined with the era of short attention spans, millennials and rapid technological changes is a perfect recruiting storm. How employment opportunities are advertised is shifting quickly, along with everything else in our modern lives.

RhinoFox’s services help you reach both active and passive candidates by placing your employment offer in front of candidates during their normal daily activities.

losing project opportunities due to workforce shortages.

The construction industry is growing and new qualified, licensed workers aren't 'made' overnight.

Even if your turnover is below the industry average of 21%, new hires are necessary for business growth. If your company is known for quality and great customer service you have the projects. You just need the workforce to deliver on them at your brand’s level of quality in order to meet your growth goals.

We help you build a list of qualified workers, automate nurturing of candidate leads and expand your recruiting reach with ease.

desire social media visibility, but lack the bandwidth to do it properly.

It’s true. Employees and customers are scrutinizing you via your online presence. And, it is also true that social media presence requires maintenance.

“Our goal was to recruit tradesmen. However, our outcome has been much greater. We have gained more visibility on social media by increasing our presence and name recognition.” - T. Selander, HR Director for Willmar Electric, inc. The kind of contractor that frequently sees decade+ long loyalty from its employees.

Your US based, industry familiar Project Manager ensures brand alignment and optimization for you.


learn how we can help you
get more qualified candidates into your recruiting pipeline
and apply our expertise to your social media.

Dainella is an extremely talented, innovative, and visionary strategist. She has assisted our national organization in a number of key marketing initiatives that have enhanced not only the way that we explain our value proposition but engage our customers.

She is forward-thinking, solution-oriented, and results-focused. Plus, Dainella is an absolute joy to work with. Great listener and passionately cares about the clients that she works with to help them grow and prosper. A true professional by all accounts.

If you want to...

  • Reach Passive Candidates - Not just active candidates searching job boards.

  • Target Specific States - Have your job opportunity seen by skilled trades workers in the right licensing areas.

  • Build a Company Asset - Ethically collect contact information for future workforce hiring needs.

  •  Increase Your Social Media Reach - Expand brand awareness of your company with potential employees and customers through increased exposure and interest on your social media accounts to the right audiences.

  • Get More of the Right Candidates - Minimize time wasted by having the right advertising in front of a targeted audience with a system designed to cost-effectively attract, segment and deliver higher quality leads.

  • Support Your HR Team - Allow your HR Team to stay focused on their efforts to retain and hire. We automate sourcing, rapid follow up and segmentation of candidate leads with our services.

  • Have performance tracked, measured and reported clearly - Making planning simple.

Then we might be your new secret weapon.

Learn how we can partner to achieve
your workforce goals.

Schedule your free consultation today.

Rhinofox has been an encouragement to our company as we pursue the quest to find electricians in a tight market. Dainella has been diligent to review the next options and guide us in the social media marketplace with thoughtful solutions.

Enough about us… Let’s talk about you.

You’re probably wondering a few things, such as…

Can we help you in your industry?
Our strategy could apply to your company if you need to hire multiple workers with a specific skill sets in a specific geographic region(s). We specialize in cost-effectively sourcing pre-qualified, licensed tradesworkers (electricians, solar, plumbers, drivers) in quantity. The quick and painless way to find out if this solution is a fit for your needs is to schedule a consultation. In less than 10mins you’ll have an answer and new resources for free.


Who are you and why should I work with you?
RhinoFox is a collection of experts coordinated by our Founder and your US-based Project Manager, Dainella Nartker to provide strategic solutions in social recruiting for contractors in the skilled trades. Her trades experience as an licensed electrician, both on job sites in Antarctica and stateside, combines with digital marketing tools provides the perfect blend to help take contractor’s social recruiting to a new level.

Our Mission is to support outstanding contractors with cost-effective solutions to reach and engage skilled trades workers with their employment offer. Ultimately, we have a value on doing our part to solve the skilled labor shortage by highlighting the advantages of pursuing a career in the trades on the world’s largest social media platform.


Can’t I just take this in-house?
The short answer is: Yes. What we do is not rocket science. It can be learned and repeated by others, in fact, you might notice that we make efforts to disclose information. Why do we do share so much? Because…
-We have a high value on education, partnership and leveraging our knowledge to help connect workers with outstanding EVPs.
-We believe a career the skilled trades is one of the most undervalued employment opportunities of today.
-We want to be part of the skilled labor solution shortage by making employment offers more visible on social media.
Whether or not you choose to partner with us, we want you to meet your hiring goals. And, well, because we are nerds who get really excited about social recruiting tech!


Why haven’t I heard of RhinoFox, or this service before?
A few reasons you might not have hear of us… First, we prefer doing high quality work for a smaller number of clients than delivering chop-shop results. Second (however awkward this is for us as a marketing company) it makes sense that since there are a limited number of qualified fish in the recruiting pond that our clients tend to keep mention of our services within their associates and non-competitors. We’ve been called a ‘Secret Weapon’ on more than one occasion. As to the service, while companies like Siemens, Melton Truck Lines, McDonalds and Pepsico have long ago discovered the advantages of advertising jobs on Facebook, it is still a bit out-of-the-traditional ‘recruiting’ box in the trades.


This is pretty new to me and I don't understand how it all works. Can you explain more?
Fair enough. We don't expect you to be the expert. Your role is to receive the candidate leads and follow up with them. We handle the rest. Schedule a free consultation to have all of your questions answered in whatever detail you like, even if you’re not quite sure what questions to ask yet we can guide you through the process so questions specific to your situation will rise naturally.

Ultimately, we want happy, satisfied clients and strive to communicate clearly, including minor tweaks after launch of the system. We actually care that this is working well for your HR Team and invest time to ensure we are in alignment with your goals.


What about OHSA standards? We've all seen those lame stock images used in general media...
Safety first, not third.. We are highly aware of this issue and partner with you to ensure we are meeting your standards, as well as providing results. We actually know what PPE is and our management includes ensuring that those aren't plumbers tools in the electrician's tool belt, or vice versa.


I’m concerned about my relationships with other contractors in the area. What about the backlash of advertising job openings, or will this be ‘stealing’ workers away from other contractors in the area?
If you are already advertising on job boards then you are already exposed as hiring. Your response to candidates from this service would be similar to your response from one of your existing outreach strategies. Each company has a unique situation and we are happy to answer questions on a call. Click HERE to schedule a free consult to review your company’s specific situation. Something to consider is that “74% of employees are open to a new job” - Jobvite 2016 and, from what we understand, dissatisfied workers typically aren’t thriving and therefore not as productive as they could be. Is that really the best situation for the employer or employee?


What are the bottom-line costs?
We don’t want to lie to you. At its core: This is marketing. We do not know what fish (or how many!) are in the pond you want to recruit from until we actually go fishing in that pond. What we can do is to evaluate the pond on your behalf from our experience BEFORE you spend a dime with us. If our evaluations says this strategy is not likely to produce the results you want, we will tell you that. AND, we will make recommendations upon what strategies might be a better match for your goals.

Costs are set at one flat rate for setup and initial advertising period. Options to continue are month-to-month thereafter. No hidden fees. Ever.

Each Candidate Sourcing System is custom built to your company’s goals. Those customizations determine the flat rate which is discussed with you upfront. Our systems average $160-$270 per pre-qualified candidate lead in the first 60 days.


How is this different than a job board, or using a Headhunter/Recruiter?
Job boards capture candidates who are actively seeking employment. Only 5% of the workforce is unemployed. Our service places your employment opportunity in front of active AND PASSIVE CANDIDATES. Similar to job boards, our service produces multiple candidate leads (no cap on how many for one flat rate) whereas a Headhunter brings in a specified number of individuals. Our service is designed to be a cost effective alternative to Headhunters and bring in more leads, as well as, better quality leads than job boards.


We have limited bandwidth. How much time will this take on our part?
Your role in setup is pretty simple and painless. Usually less than an hour on a call with your RhinoFox PM to answer questions so that we can customize the system to your goals and unique company needs. The time required to follow up the candidate leads we source for you depends upon the number of leads and is similar to what you would already do for candidates coming in from other sources.


What if our workforce needs change over the year?
Boom and bust is a reality of construction. Our services are month-to-month and once your custom system is built, you can archive the system for reinstatement until your workforce needs increase again. (Plus, you’ve built a contact list of pre-qualified workers you can resource from first!)

Rhinofox has been an encouragement to our company as we pursue the quest to find electricians in a tight market. Dainella has been diligent to review the next options and guide us in the social media marketplace with thoughtful solutions.