Combining online marketing tactics & automations
with industry experience
to deliver quality candidate leads to electrical contractors.  

 Recruitment marketing strategiest

Recruitment marketing strategiest

"From my career as a licensed electrician, I know what it is like to work for career supportive contractors.  Having lived and worked on remote job sites in both Antarctica and the Rockies; I have a strong appreciation for the advantages of working for contractors who value their employees.  

My goal is to facilitate the connection of skilled tradesworkers with outstanding contractors by supporting those contractors with effective candidate sourcing solutions. Everyone wins: Employees are supported to grow rewarding trades careers and companies can expand knowing they have skilled employees backing them up as they take on new projects.  

And, there is even greater spillover through job stability to families, communities and the economy as we work to fill the Skilled Labor Gap."  -Dainella Nartker 


RhinoFox is keenly interested in opportunities to support trade associations and other organizations to promote the skilled trades as a viable career option. Please, reach out to Dainella directly at to open a conversation about partnership opportunities.

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