We Source & Deliver
Skilled Trades Worker
Candidate Leads To Your HR Team

Place your employment opportunity in front of the right kind of candidates with the right message,
just when they are looking for a distraction.


Yep, this is kind of out-of-the-box...

This sourcing service was created as a cost-effective, done-for-you solution to run the middle ground between hiring a head-hunting recruiter (15-20% of the hire's annual salary) and the post-and-hope strategy of job board advertising (only 5% of the workforce is unemployed.)

It is designed around the latest digital marketing sales tactics, specifically utilizing the following on your behalf:

  • Extreme targeting to put the most motivating message in front of the most relevant audience

  • Instant gratification with rapid, almost autofill applications

  • Segmentation to deliver accurate messaging to the candidate and to your HR Team

  • Rapid, automated follow up with the candidate to build rapport with your company for you, whether you're in the office or not

  • Organized delivery of leads to your HR Team (no more scraps of paper and letting leads slip by)


Dainella, and RhinoFox, have done a great job of supplying our company with leads on electrical staffing. She really makes the process of social media lead generation easy. RhinoFox does everything for you. You simply reply to the leads as they are received. Dainella ever offers her expertise on ways to cultivate the leads and secure the employees of your choosing. All with very little effort on your part.
— C. Branham, VP – Branham Electric, Inc.

Benefit from our
specialized industry knowledge & experience. 

90% of recruiters say the market is candidate-driven in 2015, up from 54% in the second half of 2011.
— Recruiter Sentiment Study 2015 2nd Half, MRI Network, 2015

We provide:

  • A US-based PM with construction industry experience to monitor for quality, adherence to PPE & Brand standards, and provide customer support

  • All the tech setup and management

  • Ad campaign design, setup, management and optimization

  • Step-by-step easy instructions for the minor tech connections you'll need to do

  • Recruiter and Social Media Manager training support to maximize ROI

  • And more, because we believe in making it simple so your HR Team can remain focused on converting leads, retention and all the other 'hats' they may already wear.

Rhinofox has been an encouragement to our company as we pursue the quest to find electricians in a tight market. Dainella has been diligent to review the next options and guide us in the social media marketplace with thoughtful solutions. Our goal was to recruit tradesmen. However, our outcome has been much greater. Through the recruitment process, we have gained more visibility on social media by increasing our presence and name recognition.
— -T. Selander, Willmar Electric, Inc.

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Pricing is determined by your company's unique needs.
No hidden costs. Ever. (We hate them, too!)

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