Turning away project opportunities due to workforce shortages? 
Job boards no longer delivering who you need?

It's not your fault. It is difficult to find Candidates. Only 5% of the electrical workforce is unemployed.  
The construction industry is projected to grow at 14% in 2017, and new skilled electrical workers aren't 'made' overnight.

We are in a skilled labor shortage.
A new Candidate Sourcing strategy is required.

One that:

  • Fills your pipeline with higher quality passive & active Candidate Leads

  • Has Candidates contacting you to open an employment conversation

  • Is custom to electrical contractors and your company

  • Saves your HR Team time, so they can focus on retention and conversion of Candidate Leads to Hires, instead of Cold Outreach

If you want to...

Build a Company Asset
Ethically collect contact information for future workforce hiring needs

Reach Passive Candidates
Those not looking at job boards


Get The Right Candidates
Minimize time wasted by having candidates pre-filtered, automate follow-up to Apprentices, or facilitate personalized follow-up for licensed workers

Target Specific States
Have your opportunity seen by electrical workers in the same state, or reciprocal states



Understand What is Working,
and What is Not Working
Have performance tracked, measured and reported clearly

If so, then this might be your new secret weapon.  
Find out.

Book a Call to discuss your recruiting goals and learn of strategies that can achieve those results. 

Nearly 80% of people use online resources when searching for a job.
— Searching for Work in the Digital Era, Pew Research Center November 2015

"But, how does it work?"

File_D (1)-page-001.jpg

Targeted Jobs Advertising Plus

  • Attracts Skilled Workers.  Targeted, relevant paid advertising campaigns attract skilled electrical workers to open an employment conversation with your company.

  • Optimizes For Conversion.  Instantly delivers Candidate Leads to your Recruiting Team to reduce follow up lead time and increase conversion.

  • Organized Delivery of Leads. Your custom online Candidate Lead database includes basic Conversion Training to support your Recruiters to maximize number of hires from delivered Leads.

  • Engages Skilled Workers. Relevant messaging and permission-marketing curate positive interactions that nurture a trusting relationship between your company and Candidates pre-Recruiter contact.

  • Integrated Scalability.  Hiring needs fluctuate, so the system is built to be flexible.

  • Provides you with real data to track and measure ROI.  We communicate with common language and regularly manage systems for maximum results.

  • All while building your business asset of qualified leads for future employment offers.  Automated, 24-7, whether Recruiters are in the office or not.

Jobs Advertising Basic, Plus Recruiter Support Systems

  • Pre-Filtering.  Disqualifies poor fits, pre-qualifies and scores leads saving your Recruiters leg work.

  • Automated Follow Up. Segments skilled worker Candidate Leads and automatically provides appropriate follow up, including options to book a call with your Recruiting Team, learn more about your company and complete a full application. Leaving your Team free to concentrate on the most challenging Hires to find.

Curious how a system like this could fill your Candidate Lead pipeline?