Candidate Sourcing+

With only 5% of your workforce unemployed,
it is time to change tactics to reach potential skilled tradesworker candidates
and have them open an employment conversation with you.

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Attract Skilled Workers

Targeted, relevant paid advertising campaigns attract skilled electrical workers to open an employment conversation with your company.


Optimized For Conversion

We optimize to convert Candidate Leads into hires from ad to delivery. We rapidly deliver Leads to your Recruiting Team to reduce follow up lag time.


Organize Delivery of Leads

Your custom online Candidate Lead database will include basic Conversion Training to support your Recruiters to maximize number of hires.


Integrated Scalability

Hiring needs fluctuate. Your custom Job Ad system is built to be flexible. After the first 60 days of service, continue on a month-to-month basis or archive your custom built system for future re-launch.

Engage Skilled Workers

Relevant messaging and permission-based marketing curate positive interactions that nurture a trusting relationship between your company and Candidates.

Real data to track and measure ROI

We communicate with common language, weekly reports and regularly manage systems for maximum results on your behalf. Open email policy with your US-based PM.

Automate Follow Up

Segment Candidate Leads and automatically provide rapid follow up, including options to schedule a call with your HR Team, learn more about your company, or complete a full application.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce poor fits, segment and view Lead scores to support your Team in resource allocation. Target the highest value Leads first, while still saving your Recruiters leg work.

All while building your business asset of a database of Candidate Leads for future employment offers

Automated, 24-7, whether you're in the office or not.

Dainella, and RhinoFox, have done a great job of supplying our company with leads on electrical staffing. She really makes the process of social media lead generation easy. RhinoFox does everything for you. You simply reply to the leads as they are received. Dainella ever offers her expertise on ways to cultivate the leads and secure the employees of your choosing. All with very little effort on your part.
— C. Branham, VP – Branham Electric, Inc.
Rhinofox has been an encouragement to our company as we pursue the quest to find electricians in a tight market. Dainella has been diligent to review the next options and guide us in the social media marketplace with thoughtful solutions. Our goal was to recruit tradesmen. However, our outcome has been much greater. Through the recruitment process, we have gained more visibility on social media by increasing our presence and name recognition.
— T. Selander, HR Director - Willmar Electric, Inc.

But how does it work?...

20180706 RF Infographic.png

Curious how a system like this could fill your Candidate Lead pipeline?

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