Done-for-you: Facebook Business Page Setup &/or Management

We all know we 'should' be on Facebook business, but why?


1 in every 5 minutes online is spent on Facebook...

  • Build Social Proof - To help retain employees and attract new workers and customers.

  • Get Found - Where others are looking to learn more about your brand story.

  • Receive Recognition - For your community efforts, awards and creation of a great working environment.

  • Be an Industry Leader - In ‘selling’ the Trades as an alternative, or compliment, to the college track for the thousands of people who thrive when working with their hands. Rebuilding the American Dream and stabilizing our local workforces.

51% of employees are considering a new job.
— Workforce Panel, Gallup, Nov 2015

Benefit from our
specialized industry knowledge & experience. 

Have social media management done-for-you


We provide:

  • Setup of FB Business Page, or updates to existing if needed

  • 2x posts per week on your behalf appealing to your target audience

  • Management of incoming messages, comments and postings

  • Audience building

  • A US-based PM with construction industry experience to monitor for quality, adherence to PPE & your Brand standards and customer support

Job boards mine active candidate leads only. Tap in to reach passive and active candidates within the 1.13 billion daily active Facebook users.
— reporting, June 2016

Enough about us… You’re probably wondering a few things, such as…


I’m not on social media. Do I have to be to get the benefits for my company?
Nope. We aim to make this as painless, simple and easy as possible for you. We stay up-to-date with the frequent changes so you don’t have to. Anytime you need to be involved, we use common language and provide step-by-step instructions.


We've tried outsourcing our social media before... It didn't work out so well. How are you different?
This is just a guess, but that might have been more of a harry-homeowner, chop-shop outsourcer. We understand that there is a wrong way to use your channel locks, so to speak. Properly representing your brand to your desired audience is part of our KPIs. Your PM will not only take the time to understand your brand, but also your industry and will have had prior exposure to the general construction industry or contracting.


We don’t have a Facebook Page, or it really needs to be upgraded. Do you do that?
Yes. As part of our management service, we can step in at whatever level your Facebook presence is currently at to begin pushing the needle towards your goals.


What does this cost?
Pricing depends upon scope. Please, contact us for an accurate quote. All costs are disclosed up front. No hidden fees. Ever.