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Targeted Job Advertising Service

  • This is pretty new to me and I don't understand how it all works. Can I adjust as we go?
    • Fair enough. We don't expect you to be the expert. Your role is to receive the candidate leads and follow up with them. We handle the rest. Ultimately, we want happy, satisfied clients and strive to communicate clearly, including minor tweaks after launch of the system. We actually care that this is working well for your HR Team and invest time to ensure we are in alignment with your goals. 
  • What about millennials? 
    • Our services are aligned to leverage new technology and non-traditional methods for placing your employment opportunity on the most ideal platforms to reach your target candidates. Imagine having them see your ad at 10 o'clock break, just as they aren't being treated as well as you would treat them at their company, or in the evening when they are taking a break from boring job board searching and distracting themselves with a spin on their favorite social media platform.
  • What about safety? We've all seen those lame stock images used in general media...
    • Safety First. We are highly aware of this issue and partner with you to ensure we are meeting your standards, as well as providing results. We actually know what PPE is and part of our management is to ensure those aren't plumbers tools in the electrician's tool belt, or vice versa. 

Facebook Setup & Management

  • I don't use social media. Do I have to know about it to get the benefits for my company?
    • Nope. We aim to make this as painless as possible for you. Simple and easy for our clients is our done-for-you service goals. Anytime you need to be involved, we make it common language and provide step-by-step instructions.
  • We've tried outsourcing our social media before... It didn't work out so well. How are you different?
    • This is just a guess, but that might have been more of a chop-shop experience. You'll find we charge higher rates because we understand that there is a wrong way to use your channel locks so to speak. Properly representing your brand to your desired audience is key. Your PM will not only take the time to understand your brand, but your industry and will have had exposure to the general construction industry or contracting.

Social Media Management Tool

  • I still don't have time and I want multiple social media platforms. AND, I want more content to re-share.
    • We have you covered because we get that managing social media is like having another full-time job on top of what you are already doing! Book a Strategy Session HERE and we'll get you custom solutions for your goals. 


RhinoFox is a collection of experts project managed by Founder, Dainella Nartker, to provide on strategic solutions in lead generation for contractors in the skilled trades. 

As a prior Journeyman Electrician working at remote Antarctic job sites and in the Rocky Mountains, Dainella knows first hand what it is like to work with contractors whom truly support their employees to grow successful careers. She now applies her digital marketing toolset to provide solutions to one of the greatest challenges facing growing contractors: Recruiting during the skilled labor shortage.