More workers in 60 days
without using job boards, headhunters or cold calling.

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Turning away project opportunities due to workforce shortages?

Job boards and traditional sourcing tactics no longer delivering who you need? 

We are in a skilled labor shortage. It is CHALLENGING to find Candidates. 

Only 5% of the electrical & plumbing workforce is unemployed. The construction industry is projected to grow at 14% in 2017, and new skilled, licensed workers aren't 'made' overnight. Even if your turnover is below the industry average of 21%, new hires are needed for business growth.

And, to add to the challenge of a 'buyers' market is the era of short attention spans and rapid technological change. How we find or advertise employment opportunities is shifting, along with everything else.


RhinoFox helps you source skilled tradesworkers.

Say goodbye to a lack of candidates and hello to pre-qualified workers.
Reach passive (and active!) candidates, stay ahead of workforce hiring cycles and
build your social media present to attract skilled workers AND customers.


  • Fill your pipeline with quality passive and active candidate leads.

  • Candidates will contact you to open an employment conversation.

  • Your solution is custom to your industry, goals and company brand image.

  • Your HR Team time can focus on retention and conversion of leads into hires.

Rhinofox has been an encouragement to our company as we pursue the quest to find electricians in a tight market. Dainella has been diligent to review the next options and guide us in the social media marketplace with thoughtful solutions. Our goal was to recruit tradesmen. However, our outcome has been much greater. Through the recruitment process, we have gained more visibility on social media by increasing our presence and name recognition.
— T. Selander, HR Director - Willmar Electric, Inc.

If you want to...


Reach Passive Candidates

Not just those Active candidates researching job boards.



Target Specific States

Have your opportunity seen by skilled trades workers in the same state, or reciprocal states.



Build a Company Asset

Ethically collect contact information for future workforce hiring needs.



Increase Your Social Media Reach

See ripple effects of boosted exposure and interest on your social media accounts. Expanding your brand awareness with potential employees and customers.



Get More of the Right Candidates

Minimize time wasted by having the right advertising in front of a targeted audience with a system designed to cost-effectively attract, segment and deliver higher quality leads.


Support your HR Team

We automate sourcing, rapid follow up and segmentation of candidate leads with our done-for-you services. Allowing your HR Team to focus their efforts on the most likely candidates and the many other 'hats' they wear.

And, have performance tracked, measured
and reported clearly.

If so, then we might be your new secret weapon.

Book your free Strategy Session to learn how we can help you source workers.

Nearly 80% of people use online resources when searching for a job.
— Searching for Work in the Digital Era, Pew Research Center November 2015
Dainella Nartker, founder

Dainella Nartker, founder

RhinoFox is a collection of experts project managed by Founder, Dainella Nartker, to provide on strategic solutions in lead generation for contractors in the skilled trades. 

As a prior Journeyman Electrician working at remote Antarctic job sites and in the Rocky Mountains, Dainella knows first hand what it is like to work with contractors whom truly support their employees to grow successful careers. She now applies her digital marketing toolset to provide solutions to one of the greatest challenges facing growing contractors: Recruiting during the skilled labor shortage.

Dainella is an extremely talented, innovative, and visionary strategist. She has assisted our national organization in a number of key marketing initiatives that have enhanced not only the way that we explain our value proposition but engage our customers. She is forward-thinking, solution-oriented, and results-focused. Plus, Dainella is an absolute joy to work with. Great listener and passionately cares about the clients that she works with to help them grow and prosper. A true professional by all accounts.
— S. Villwock, IOM, CAE, CEO of the Independent Electrical Contractors National Association