Targeted Jobs Advertising Done-For-You. 

Candidate Leads delivered to your inbox.
24-7 whether you are in the office or not

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Think of it as an Automated Candidate Sourcing Opportunity. 
It is a buyers market. Active Candidate sourcing from job boards is not enough to meet your workforce demands. Cold outreach is consuming your HR resources.  

Increase the quality and quantity of Candidate Leads being delivered to your HR Team.  We can't be you or hire for you, but we know how to place your employment opportunity in front of electrical workers. Designed and tested by an electrician, just for electrical contractors. 

Do things differently:
Have Candidates come to you.

Flex With Workforce Needs

Increase Hiring Opportunities

Workforce needs change frequently.  That is the Boom or Bust reality of construction. Scale and flex easily with needs. After an initial 60 day commitment that allows us to optimize your advertisement, services are month to month.

Have more of the right Candidates to choose from.
We utilize highly targeted online advertising to place your job ad in front of electrical workers just when they are looking for a distraction. Lowering advertising costs and increasing conversion with relevancy and quality.

Building a Database Asset

Passive & Active Candidates

Capture the attention of both Passive & Active Candidates.  Allow them to pre-filter themselves in an engaging, game-ified, mobile device-friendly manner. Saving your HR resources by having leads delivered to your inbox and facilitating follow up with a custom database.

Accumulate Candidate Leads for future outreach. Entice the quality workers you are looking for to instantly add their contact info to your Candidate Lead Database; creating a valuable company asset that can provide workers into the future.


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