A limited quantity of Enterprise Partnerships are available to create a customized front-end of your hiring funnel.  They can include:

  • Targeted Job Advertising to electrical workers
  • Lead Tracking System LTS (similar to an ATS, but built for Lead management only) for organized follow-up by your Recruiting Team: Training + Support includedNext Level Efficiency of Candidate Lead Delivery
  • Automated instant and timed Candidate Lead nurturing and education on your EVP
  • Easy appointment booking for Candidate Leads to connect with your rockstar Recruiters
  • Social Media: Account setup, management and/or content creation services
  • Integration to your existing ATS
  • Optimization of your copy on Job Ads, Careers Page and Offers

If you would like to learn more about how we can work together to solve your Candidate Sourcing, Follow-up, or Social Media Challenges, please book a call for a no obligation chat.  On the call, we will discuss your challenges and you'll learn of solution strategies. If we are a match for your needs, we'll design a customized solution for you to review.